Typography in Rome

This incredible set of photographs by Paul Soulellis is making me want to hop on the next plane to Rome. What an amazing source of inspiration.


  1. Doug says:

    Wow, this signage is incredible. I especially like "L'Originale Alfredo."
  2. Shauna says:

    Bella! This reminds me of my trip to Roma last year! That last photo, is that from Piazza Navonna? I know I saw that place somewhere. :)
  3. Paul Soulellis says:

    Thanks for sharing -- just returned from 7 weeks at the American Academy in Rome, yesterday. @shauna: that last photo is somewhere in centro, but not Navona. Glad you're enjoying.
  4. tobe | BIA says:

    LOVE. great find!
  5. Diana Taranto says:

    Last photo is not in Piazza Navona, it's in Via dei Maroniti, not too far from Barberini. Check out the typography on these Italian hand made sterling silver rings. Designed and crafted in Rome by Loepp and Nagai.
  6. Diana Taranto says:

    Oops - here's the link :) http://www.fourthcrusade.com.au/designer_2.html
  7. FFFFOUND! | design work life » Typography in Rome says:

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  9. Rhys Webber says:

    Some great type here! Take a look at similar slideshows of my photos of Malaga Type (2012) and French Letters (2012) at www.webber-photo.com . You may need to refresh the homepage a few times to see the right galleries as there's a random gallery chooser in action. Hope you enjoy.
  10. Cerca Casa says:

    Tips On How To Strategy The Perfect Escape
  11. ohlatasia says:

    [...] via designworklife.com [...]
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