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  1. Jonathan Moore says:

    The branding looks great, but their site and work felt heavily inspired by Especially if you look at both of the projects for a meat market.
  2. Jason says:

    I think their site layout resembles Ptarmak more than the work for Bouma Meats, which is nicely done. Their studio identity is great and I really dig the clean, minimalist style in their work.
  3. Greg Formager says:

    I felt the Ptarmak vibe too. I think a lot of it is the way they photograph their work. BUT this is still great and unique work.
  4. caleb owen everitt says:

    super influenced by shit that's already been done. what a bummer to see people rip stuff so closely.
  5. No name says:

    I was willing to consider their stuff as an "homage" to Ptarmak until I recognized that their own company logo is ripped right off from Pendleton (and I think we know who developed it first):
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