Mama’s Sauce Business Cards

Here is yet another gem from the guys at Mama’s Sauce: their brand-spanking-new business cards. They’ve used a process they’ve recently perfected, a heavy, full color wash that creates a pillowy emboss effect in the negative space. They’ve also duplexed Lettra with Black Muscletone, resulting in a graphic, black and white edge. Check out this post on their blog to learn more about how you could create something like this for yourself.


  1. Ed says:

    Beautiful results!
  2. Richard Pijs says:

    Lovely! Always great to see those embossed fx. Nice photo btw.
  3. Richard Pijs says:

    Loveley to see those embossed effect. Nice photo btw!
  4. Hannah says:

    very nice indeed!
  5. 10+1 « Mad Girl's Love Song says:

    [...] The type and design of this (dare I say “puffy”?) business card for Mama’s [...]
  6. Fanny Nordmark says:

    Beautiful work!
  7. Megan says:

    great! Nice top shot of organized chaos =)
  8. Angie says:

    Very nice logo and embossing work!
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