RE:Design/Inspire Conference Giveaway

Update: This giveaway is now closed.

Today I’m happy to offer one lucky reader a free pass to the next RE:DESIGN conference, RE:DESIGN Inspire, which is coming up in September. Here are the details:

RE:DESIGN/Inspire will take place at Public in Chicago on Sept 23 + 24. For these talks, we’ll sit down with creatives that have accomplished the ultimate trifecta—they imagine, execute, and inspire others. Our small-scale discussions will take on the ultimate goal of any creative type—to be consistently and innovatively inspired. Session leaders include Brian Singer, CD, 1000 Journals; David Usui and Ben Wu, co-founders, Lost & Found Films; Lawrence Azerrad, CD, LAD Design; Jason Katz, Story Supervisor, Pixar and many more!

The Fine Print:
The giveaway includes one pass to the RE:DESIGN/Inspire conference, valued at $695.00. Winner is responsible for travel and lodging for the event. Winner will be selected at random. The giveaway will be open from now through this coming Friday, July 20th at 6:00 PM EST. In order to enter, simply leave a comment here with the session leader you’re most excited to hear from. Good luck!


  1. Prescott Perez-Fox says:

    Definitely Jason Katz. Pixar rocks.
  2. Toby Kelleher says:

    Lawrence Azerrad!
  3. Emelyn Baker says:

    Oh this is fantastic! I'm a design student in Illinois, and I'd love to attend. I'd definitely like to hear Brian Singer speak. I've been following the path of 1000 Journals for a while. Also curious to hear about his experience at Facebook.
  4. Emily Harrington Rogers says:

    Wally Krantz!
  5. Denise Bosler says:

    Wally Krantz for sure!
  6. Denise Z says:

    Jason Katz
  7. Jeremy Emmerich says:

    Lawrence Azerrad!
  8. Kristin L says:

    Love to hear from Jason Katz
  9. Tom Peth says:

    Mike McQuade
  10. Carlene says:

    Oh, Jason Katz!
  11. Hallie says:

    Wally Krantz!
  12. Gabby says:

    Lawrence Azerrad
  13. Sarah says:

    Yup, me too – Jason Katz.
  14. Emily Thompson says:

    Jason Katz!
  15. Christy J. says:

    Mike McQuaid! I LOVE his work.
  16. matt leighton says:

    Would def be excited to hear what Lawrence Azerrad, LAD Design, would have to say about inspiration!
  17. Gina says:

    Without a doubt, I'd love to hear from Brian Singer of 1000 Journals.
  18. Suzanne says:

    Joe Stewart hands down. Mattel, Target, Jet Blue, Barney's New York?? His client list is incredible!
  19. Brittany says:

    Going to have to go with the others and say Jason Katz!
  20. Emily Malina says:

    I would so L-O-V-E to go to Re: Design please!
  21. Ben Wallace says:

    Mr. Katz
  22. Jose says:

    Joe Stewart!!
  23. Jill says:

    Lawrence Azerrad has such an interesting history. I'd love to hear about it! :)
  24. Laurent says:

    Super excited to hear from my guy, Mike McQuade
  25. mary cantu says:

    Would be happy to hear Ben Wu.
  26. Wesley Kloss says:

    I would love to hear from Lost & Found Films!
  27. Jinger says:

    Would love to hear Mike McQuaid! Thanks for this chance, would be so inspiring to go.
  28. kcmc says:

    Wally Krantz would be awesome!
  29. Jack says:

    Lookin' forward to hearing from Chicago's own, Mike McQuade of course.
  30. Feras Sobh says:

    Ben Wu from Lost & Found.. love their work!
  31. Tim says:

    Oh Jason Katz for sure!
  32. Christina says:

    Most excited to see Mike McQuaid, I've met him before and he's a fantastic designer.
  33. jackie says:

    Mike McQuaid. Mike McQuaid.Mike McQuaid.Mike McQuaid one more time for good luck.. Mike McQuaid
  34. Rachel says:

    Can't wait to hear from Joe Stewart. I love everything coming out of HUGE.
  35. Darrin says:

    Mikey McQuade
  36. Josh M says:

    I would love to go and hear them all but especially Mike. Just found out about him from someone that knows him and his work is fantastic.
  37. Laura V. says:

    Wally Krantz. Gotta support my fellow WMU grad...
  38. ian says:

    Definitely McQuade
  39. Maria says:

    Wally Krantz!!!
  40. Ashley Arbour says:

    Excited to hear from Brian Singer!
  41. de says:

    Would love to hear Wally Krantz of The Brand Union
  42. Vanessa says:

    Lawrence Azerrad for me.
  43. rob says:

    Wally Krantz of The Brand Union
  44. Stephen Pflug says:

    David Usui of Lost and Found films. Very cool films.
  45. Mai-Chi says:

    Would totally love to see Jason Katz as well.
  46. Kristan Butler says:

    Brian Singer. His no clients, just collaborators philosophy is inspiring.
  47. Cassandra Ellison says:

    Most excited about Dawn Hancock, for sure. Great design, great values.
  48. Jessica says:

    would love to hear Jason Katz speak!
  49. René says:

    I would be excited to hear Brian Singer.
  50. Jennifer says:

    very tough choice, but Lawrence Azerrad has to be at the top of the list.
  51. Kiara Downey says:

    What a cool group of creative people! Sign me up, please!
  52. Kristy says:

    Firebelly Design! or anyone for that matter! We're starved for creative design in Alaska! I need to be inspired!
  53. Tom says:

    Looking forward to Mike McQuade!
  54. Megan says:

    I would love this! It would be awesome to attend something like this! I would love to see Jason Katz
  55. Liga Luize says:

    Would love to hear from Wally Krantz!
  56. Lauren P says:

    i am most excited to hear from Wally Krantz Executive Creative Director, at The Brand Union.
  57. Tom says:

    Wally Krantz, especially the Time Warner brand refresh!
  58. Mimia says:

    Definitely Jason Katz - he is the master of visual storytelling.
  59. Rachel says:

    Not to sound like the rest, but Jason Katz!
  60. Elle Knop says:

    Very excited to hear from Dawn Hancock!
  61. Cynthia Bayne says:

    I would love this opportunity
  62. Dan Garnier says:

    Jaskn Katz would be so amazing and inspiring to hear!
  63. Tom says:

    David Usui and Ben Wu!
  64. Ali says:

    HUGE. Joe Stewart!
  65. Greg Linton says:

    Like to hear from Brian Singer.
  66. Mike Healey says:

    It would be awesome to hear more from Mike McQuade!
  67. Margaret says:

    Jason Katz!
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