Ben Sherman Shirt Bar Promotion

To promote their stores’ ‘Shirt Bars,” the creative team at Ben Sherman came up with a creative solution: a paper origami folded shirt collar. Underneath the collar fold a prize, as well as details describing how to claim it, was revealed. The promotional items were given out at busy hot spots around London, and the idea has also been used in NYC and as far off as Singapore.

Ben-Sherman_Collar_1[22]_1 Ben-Sherman_Collar_2[22]_1 Ben-Sherman_Collar_3[22]_1 Ben-Sherman_Collar_4[22]_1 Ben-Sherman_Shirt-bar[13]_1


  1. Origami of the Day: Shirt Collar Edition - Men's Styles | Men's Styles says:

    [...] Brought to you/us by Design Work Life.  [...]
  2. Miss Doodles says:

    Oh I love this idea!
  3. John | Diseño web Sevilla says:

    Great design: simple but effective!
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