Rogier Wieland: Starbucks Coffee Perfection

Check out this fun promotion that animator Rogier Wieland developed for Starbucks to illustrate the reversed story of how their coffee goes from bean to your cup.











Creative Credits:
Client: Starbucks Coffee Asia Pacific Ltd.
Creative direction, animation and sound design: Rogier Wieland
Ad agency: BBDO, Hongkong


  1. Terri says:

    wow, that was awesome! love hearing the story, but loved the way you illustrated the story visually. Very impressive.
  2. Café da manhã | Maquiagem says:

    [...] do consumidor voltando para a plantação e produção do grão. Veja aqui o processo de criação. Genial. A produção tem boas chances de abocanhar [...]
  3. Chad Morgan says:

    So sick.
  4. philo says:

    however... watch a documentary called BLACK GOLD, and see the real living conditions and work conditions that these bean farmers and sorters live in. it is a sobering look at the fair trade coffee issue. the animation here is cool - but skips over the truth of the real matter.
  5. Evernotes Every Friday | Creating For Our Creator says:

    [...] Can you even fathom the man hours to create such a promotion? Cutting all the smallest of pieces of paper, manipulating the characters on the screen in between each take, but the joy and gratification of seeing the final product must totally outweigh all of that! What a beautiful work of art! Here is the finished commercial, be sure to check out the behind the scenes work from Rogier Wieland on Design Work Life. [...]
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