A Gift Guide Giveaway from Wee Society!

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Readers, I have another awesome giveaway for you! The folks at Wee Society have offered up one of their amazing Wee-You-Things block sets (featured in the Gift Guide on page 24 in the Kiddos section) for one lucky reader.








To win, simply enter by leaving a comment on this post by midnight on Saturday, November 23rd and one lucky winner will be chosen at random. I will announce the winner here on the following Monday. Good luck!


  1. Nate Lewis says:

    The best givewaway ever! Our soon-to-be-born daughter would really love this :)
  2. Cecile says:

    Seems perfect for my niece!
  3. Stephen says:

    What a cute set! My little one and a half year old would love it!
  4. golemic says:

    those are amazing blocks sets indeed.
  5. Simon Curry says:

    My son would go nuts for this :)
  6. Nimro says:

    Wow, really nice ! :)
  7. EnergonCube says:

    Ooh! Want.
  8. PushingGiants says:

    I would love to have this so I can introduce my new nephew to good design.
  9. Ben says:

    Calvin and Fiona would love it..
  10. Megan says:

    I love those blocks! Wee Society has the most adorable illustration style :)
  11. Ladybird says:

    Ohh! Wee! Would love to have.
  12. Ryan says:

    My little man would love those!
  13. John Somers says:

    Wow, I love it! That's some nice toys for my daughter to play with...
  14. Phalen Elonich says:

    Adorable! The hard part would be figuring out who gets this awesome christmas present :)
  15. Jessica says:

    These would be great for my son!
  16. Ryan says:

    I could give these to my new nephew...but I think I might want to keep them for myself instead. So awesome.
  17. Andrew says:

    These are awesome! Would love to have them!
  18. Alicia says:

    So adorable!! Excellent illustrations!
  19. Matthew says:

    Fantastic. I know someone who would love to find these blocks under the Christmas tree.
  20. Tara says:

    So cute! My nephew would love these. :-)
  21. Jessie says:

    These are so cute — my nephew would be so excited for this.
  22. franky says:

    A box! A box with in a box!! A fabulous colorful box that makes other boxes talk!
  23. Sondy Bojanic says:

    My niece would LOVE these.
  24. Josh says:

    My newborn will love these!!
  25. Kim Still says:

    I love Wee Society! What a great giveaway.
  26. Mette says:

    Yes please.
  27. kelly rae says:

    those blocks are too cute! I love that they make bodies too.
  28. Linda says:

    How stinkin' cute! The multitasker in me is going crazy over how many ways these can keep a kid entertained. Or me, for that matter.
  29. Ashley says:

    My nephew would be bananas over these!
  30. Jen says:

    These would be so cute for my daughter!
  31. Danielle Gough says:

    ah! These are awesome! I love Wee Society! My nephew would love these for Christmas!
  32. Matt Hernandez says:

    These are so awesome
  33. Michael says:

    Awesome, love all things wood! Feel bad for the 104+ year olds who can't play with them.
  34. Matt says:

    sweet! that bear is loco.
  35. Bec says:

    Love the bear one!
  36. kahlil brewington says:

    so cool
  37. Scott says:

    Very cool! I'd love to be included.
  38. rafael says:

    this is great!!
  39. Jake Dugard says:

    Right over here.
  40. erika says:

    As a child, Pee Wee's Playhouse had a big effect on me loving really weird/creative things. These blocks remind me of that show and hopefully will have the same influence on kids today.
  41. Cory says:

    Perfect for my little girl
  42. Nate says:

    I love these! I'm a big fan of Wee Society. All their stuff is great.
  43. Melissa T says:

    Beautiful set! My son would love it.
  44. Tori says:

    Love the illustrations!
  45. Brian R says:

    Yes, please! Love Wee Society!
  46. sarah says:

    love the blocks...very girard-esque.
  47. Molly says:

    Love all the different configurations!
  48. Suzie says:

    I LOVE these. And love wee society. Gorgeous!
  49. jen says:

    So incredibly cute!!!
  50. Adam says:

    I think I may enjoy playing with this more than the kid I'm planning on giving this to!
  51. Holly C says:

    My son would love this!
  52. Casey says:

    My son loves the Wee Animals iOS app. Would love to give him the blocks for Xmas.
  53. Charles says:

    So much fun! I'm going to go nuts buying toys like this for my child!
  54. Nadine says:

    That is just such a lovely idea! Would love to have one!
  55. Giselle says:

    I would love to have this for my future baby that is growing in my belly!
  56. Frank says:

    looks like lots of fun!
  57. Jenny says:

    Woohoo - superduper cute and beautiful!
  58. Sarah says:

    My little guy would love these for Christmas!
  59. James Abercrombie says:

    WHOA... these are amazing!
  60. Kelsey says:

    These are exactly the toys my graphic-designer-in-training needs!
  61. Ali says:

    Love the design!
  62. Alisha says:

    I know a soon to be mommy that has been eyeing these! Very fun!!!!
  63. JD says:

    want for my son!
  64. Jolene Stark says:

    These are rad!
  65. Matt says:

    Cool twist on a classic toy.
  66. Brandon Acree says:

  67. Allison says:

    Love these blocks! My nephews would love them.
  68. Sandy J says:

    oh that would be a perfect christmas gift for my nephew ! i would be so a cool auntie !! :P *crossing my fingers*
  69. Doris says:

    I would love this!
  70. Eric says:

    I would love this for our sons! Thanks
  71. Mariam says:

    Would you enter my name? Thanks
  72. Lauren says:

    I'd love these!
  73. Zach Roush says:

    My Kindergartners would love these when talking about drawing with shapes :) Thanks for the opportunity!
  74. Stacey says:

    Fantastic!! My nephews **ahem fiance** would love these!!
  75. Lindsey says:

    These are awesome. My son would love them!
  76. Elisa Gruss says:

    Looks like fun for my boys! Thanks for hosting!
  77. Seth says:

    My nephew JJ would love this!
  78. clint says:

    so rad!
  79. Alisha says:

    Love these! Super adorable.
  80. Mackenzie says:

    So cute! I would love to play with these even!
  81. Hailey Penny says:

    I am a huge Wee Society fan! As I'm product designer myself, I have a huge appreciation for their work and gorgeous style. These would be stunning to display on my desk (who said blocks are just for kids?!) :D
  82. sarah.a says:

    love these blocks, so much fun and wonderful design! i think i'd enjoy them more than my little one :)
  83. Jen says:

    Clarice Starling: What does this guy do, he "covets". How do we first start to covet? Ardelia Mapp: "We covet what we see -" Clarice Starling: " - every day."
  84. ayelet says:

    Love it. Not just for kids..
  85. Ben says:

    These are amazing! Great colour and design and I love that they have texture too. I know what "someone" is getting for Christmas!
  86. Billie says:

    What a wonderful gift!! I love it!
  87. Ginny Pickles says:

    What a beautiful block set! My little girl would love these. Secretly I would too ;)
  88. Ellen says:

    very nice!! my little son will like it a lot!!
  89. Robbie Cobb says:

    what a great gift!
  90. Jessica says:

    These are adorable! Love them!
  91. Jon Garza says:

    too cute, my son would love this!
  92. kdb says:

    This is so super cool, problem is there's too many kids I could give it to!!! :) Fun - love the imagination it inspires.
  93. Mirko says:

    Wow, that´s ideal present for the birth of my son next march :-)
  94. Kelsey says:

    My goddaughter would love this, if I don't keep it for myself :)
  95. Heather S says:

    These are fabulous! I'd love to win and gift them to my girlfriend!
  96. Lucia says:

    These are just the cutest! I love them!
  97. Josh Shearon says:

    Well, I don't have children, but I really love these, and would totally play with them haha. Wee Society is awesome.
  98. Samantha Lewis says:

    Winning this for my unborn child due in March.
  99. Astred says:

    We love the Wee Society! My kid adores the app's - Especial Gloria the Gorilla and Ruth and her purple tooth.
  100. Tori K says:

    My goddaughter would love this!
  101. Rob Lord says:

    Wee Society is our favorite. We have posters and apps but not the blocks...yet? :)
  102. rubina santos says:

    W-OW !! I really want this ; )*
  103. Bruno says:

    My daughter would love these.
  104. Qiqing Siow says:

    I would love to win this for my nieces! They would love it to bits!
  105. Nigel Smith says:

    A beautiful modern interpretation of a classic toy. Love it!
  106. Mike Jones says:

    Great design, my little ones would definitely dig these.
  107. ellie says:

  108. Manuela says:

    My 2 year old would be thrilled with this amazing blocks, fingers crossed!
  109. stephanie brocious says:

    I would absolutely love this!
  110. Amy says:

    So fun!
  111. Maralee says:

    I would LOVE to have one of these for when my grandkids are over - it reminds me of a similar on featuring Captain Kangaroo that my siblings and I loved as kids...this one is WAY better looking!
  112. Stephanie says:

    My son Dexter loves blocks. I love that it doesn't run on batteries & has a cool graphics.
  113. ibnumalik says:

    hey, really cool and awesome blocks!
  114. Jill says:

    Sooo adorable!
  115. Mikey Lemieux says:

    These are beautiful and creative. I would love for my son Scout to play with these!
  116. André says:

    So beautiful!
  117. Design Work Life » Giveaway Reminders! says:

    […] now which will close out tonight, so get in your entries quickly! Enter the Wee Society giveaway here, and the Lomography giveaway here. Good […]
  118. Scott Dubois says:

  119. DJ Sherman says:

    Wow, these are awesome! My nephew would love them!
  120. Andrew says:

    Win or not, this'll be my nephew's Christmas gift for sure.
  121. Lisa O says:

    love these! so smartly designed.
  122. Jay says:

    My kids would love these!
  123. Amanda says:

    These are beautiful...I'm blown away by the detail! I know they're for kids, but I may want them for myself! :)
  124. martha says:

    Love these! Not plastic!
  125. goe says:

    like the sense of touch. tactilicious. greets from dusseldorf. goe.
  126. imt says:

    I adore blocks, and especially these.
  127. Bert Fanslow says:

    I love when wonderful illustrations are combined with playful toys for tots! Sure to inspire future artists/builders/dreamers/do-ers. I'd like to give these to my friend's son as a surprise (if I win)! Good luck everyone, and thanks for the chance to win!
  128. Linh says:

    Love all the characters, wooden blocks are so great. Should I give them to my nephew if I win or keep it for myself?
  129. Brad G says:

    Very beautiful and cool!
  130. Emma says:

    I have so many wee-you-things in my life that would love these!
  131. Kayla says:

    I would totally give this set of wooden blocks to my first friend to have a baby. She's due in 2 weeks and this would be the perfect Christmas present!
  132. Danielle says:

    So cute!
  133. Denise says:

    I would love these!
  134. prentje says:

    Love it! For myself eeeeeeh my son!
  135. Molly Gwen says:

    My two nieces would love these! I love the idea of "old school" blocks.
  136. Michael says:

    I have two wee things that would love these.
  137. shelley says:

    my 2-year-old son would ADORE these! xo
  138. Nater says:

    I want em for myself!
  139. Bryan Farevaag says:

    You don't have to be a two year old to play with these do you?
  140. Sarah Farevaag says:

    This might just be our first baby toy that sits in the closet, for a couple of years, waiting for a little one...beautiful design.
  141. Adam says:

  142. sharon says:

    These blocks have endless pattern possibilities! My son would really love this.
  143. rebecca says:

    Blocks this cute belong in our home for sure!
  144. Dustin says:

    My son loves animals, building and blocks! Perfect combo!
  145. Luis says:

    Love the blocks!
  146. Hernan says:

    If it's free, it's for me! Awesome give away!
  147. Tim says:

    Amazing stuff! Would be a perfect gift for my little niece.
  148. Sampo says:

    Beautiful blocks!
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