Easy, Tiger: Cards for Awesome People

Easy Tiger is a new Kansas City based stationery business that strives to make “cards for awesome people.” And they are certainly distributed in an awesome waythrough refurbished vintage vending machines.




See, our machines (and cards) are just a byproduct of a few people who share the same crazy idea: that cards should be fun. From the way that you buy them, to the way that you use them. And what’s more fun than old, salvaged vending machines? We couldn’t come up with anything. There is just something amazing about putting in some change, pulling a mechanical knob,and dispensing a little piece of paper goodness (and envelope, of course). No gimmicks. No electricity (except for our fluorescent bulb, when we want to get fancy). Just some vending machines from the 1970’s finding a new lease on life.









Check out all of their card designs online right here.



  1. tom dalton says:

    What an awesome idea. Creativity is not dead in America!
  2. Cards in a Vending Machine? | heresthatthing says:

    [...] Story over at Design Work Life  [...]
  3. Tom Esselman says:

    An idea whose time has come. Love it
  4. Vending Machine Dispenses Greeting Cards For ‘Awesome’ People | Only Tech says:

    [...] Design Work Life] By Thia Shi [...]
  5. Anna says:

    Is this a branch of Hallmark? Just curious since I thought they were based in Kansas City as well.
  6. The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: Easy, Tiger Cards for Awesome People | Procrastination Files says:

    [...] It’s always hard to choose what to post on Sundays–  but between my incredible biased love of greeting cards, and the refurbished vending machine approach, Easy, Tiger is a solid choice.  Based in Kansas City, they strive to make “cards for awesome people.” Don’t worry, if you don’t happen to be close to a vending machine, they also have a charming website.  (via DesignWorkLife) [...]
  7. Evernotes Every Friday | Creating For Our Creator says:

    [...] post from Design Work Life… a greeting card vending [...]
  8. Scott Gibson says:

    Hi There I love it! About 6 years ago I wanted to adapt a vending machine to vend greeting cards, with the growth of 'greetings' or sentiment sending 'vehicles' on the internet or smart phones, I wanted to explore the combination of 2 old ideas merging to create a new one, and one that could enter areas of trading that greeting cards don't presently occupy, or are limited to the man hours needed to sell the product, a vending machine seemed the obvious answer! I spent 20 years with Gibson Greetings Int Ltd (UKG), and my father before many years beyond that, so I have a passion for the tradition! Do you have any distribution of these machines (or the possibility of!) in the UK? Hope to hear from you! Scott Gibson
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