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Wilson Hsu

Recently I came across the artwork of Wilson Hsu on Thumbtack Press, where he has quite a few fun prints available for sale.

Color Happy 10

Here is an undeniably vibrant print from Ben O’Brien. Check out the rest of his portfolio here and/or pick up a print at Wish You Were Here.

Linzie Hunter

I’ve been a huge fan of illustrator Linzie Hunter—especially her hand lettering—for a while now. So I was psyched when I somehow managed to snag the last small “Coney” print from 20 x 200. They went fast—so for those of…

Julie McLaughlin

Like a lot of my internet finds, I came across the work of Julie McLaughin in a completely roundabout way. After a string of clicks I didn’t quite keep track of, I found some of her poster designs (which are…


I love the delicate precision of these illustrations by Francisco Miranda of TOOCO—such a beautiful, restrained color palette. His website is currently under construction, but you can browse more of his work on Flickr. via Illustrativo

Color Happy 9

Intense color from painter Sam Songailo. There’s so much layering in this piece that it was difficult to pull out all the colors, so I’m sure I’m not doing the palette justice, but the swatches do look pretty amazing together.…


Steve Stankiewicz Nigel Peake Zsuzsanna Ilijin (Much more map goodness to be found in each of their portfolios.)

A Guide to Fifty-nine Fields

Tiny Showcase released the second print in their learning series last night. This time, artist Nigel Peake created an oversized poster featuring highly detailed line drawings of various field, including Haystacks and Apple Trees. Check it out for yourself and/or…

Obsessions Make My Life Worse and My Work Better

Image via anjens Take a look at Stefan Sagmeister’s latest addition to the ongoing “Things I’ve Learned in my Life So Far” series, a statement that probably rings true for most designers. (Submit your own right here.) The message, created…


Beautiful illustrations from Matheus Lopes. Found by way of Design by Humans, where his t-shirt design (a collaboration with Saltyshadow) is a finalist in the DBH 10k contest. Click here to vote.

You Are What You Touch

Advertising is a field I don’t often draw inspiration from—I started out as an Advertising Design major in college and it quickly wore on me. But every once in awhile I come across a campaign that makes me look, like…

Tavis Coburn

According to Telegramme Prints, Tavis Coburn’s unique retro-looking work is influenced by 1940s comic book art, the Russian avant-garde movement, and printed materials from the 1950s His site is currently under construction, but you can download a PDF of some…

Friday Fun

I saw the Kawaii Not book awhile ago, but I never realized that the “cute gone bad” illustrations originated as a web comic. Check out the rest right here.


Love this series (especially the color palette) by Pietari Posti, an ongoing personal project that currently includes 11 images. Hopefully he will eventually make them all into prints, but for now you can purchase this one in t-shirt or print…

Eve Duhamel

I feel like this artist’s work comes from a place of pure, fearless creativity—childlike, uninhibited and brave. See more right here. via FormFiftyFive

Chris McNally illustration

Beautiful watercolors from illustrator, Chris McNally. (Check out the type, especially on that map!) His current site is in the process of being updated, but you can also see more work on the previous version.

Color Happy 7

Today I’m in the mood for bright pops of color set against gray, a this pattern by Helen Dardik fits the bill. See more of her work on her blog or at Lilla Rogers Studio, where she is represented.

Last Week’s Mail

I’ve been meaning to share these two packages I’ve received in the last week or so. Recently I was lucky enough to win a free print from the lovely Shelley of Oiseaux. I chose the Maggie print, which I love…