A Map in the Dirt

A Map in the Dirt is a short story by Utah-based artist, Jess Smart Smiley about a group of animals trying to escape a common threat. The striking black and white illustrations were all done with ink and a brush on bristol board. And all of the lettering, which I am truly impressed with, was done by hand as well.

A Map in the Dirt 01

Jess is currently trying to make the 15-page comic into a 6×9, perfect bound book, by promoting it on Kickstarter. There you can check out a video to learn more about Jess’s process and the book specifically, as well as contribute to the project to help him reach his goal. The varying levels of contribution which will get you all kinds of rewards, from access to the A Map in the Dirt blog to a giant coloring poster to an original page of artwork from the book. Jess has just about 40 days to reach his goal, so head on over and throw some support his way.


A Map in the Dirt 02

A Map in the Dirt 03


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