Tim Lahan: KENZO Idiom Illustrations

Tim Lahan developed this fun set of illustrations for Kenzo. Each one represents a common English idiom having to do with eyes. 

"Apple of my eye"
“Apple of my eye”
"Eye of the Storm"
“Eye of the Storm”
"More than meets the eye"
“More than meets the eye”
"A sight for sore eyes"
“A sight for sore eyes”

I never would have guessed so many existed before seeing all of these in one place, but then I did a search and realized that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

"Eyes bigger than your stomach"
“Eyes bigger than your stomach”
"Eyes in the back of your head"
“Eyes in the back of your head”
"Hit the bull's eye"
“Hit the bull’s eye”
"Stars in your eyes"
“Stars in your eyes”
"Cry your eyes out"
“Cry your eyes out”
"Get a black eye"
“Get a black eye”

For more from Tim, check out a collection of his new projects or pick up something in his shop.


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