1. Great work! Although on the second spread with earth, air, fire, water I think the fire/water headers are mixed up!! Great gift ideas though :)

  2. Hi Adrianna. Are you getting an error message? Or is it just not showing up? Let me know so I can try to fix the problem. I’m thinking this must be an Issuu problem though so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fix.

  3. COURTNEY!! first off i am your number one fan and when reading through the gift guide i was thinking – dude. next year i want to be featured in this – then, BAM!! there was the MaeMae calendar!!! thank you so much for including me and for making a dream come true. xx

  4. […] For stores elsewhere in the US, see the list of retailers that carry our work, or the excellent design work life 2011 Holiday Gift Guide [our Blooming Briquettes are on page 28]. Our own gift guide will be published here on Monday. […]

  5. Fantastic ideas! Thanks so much for putting this guide together and sharing it with us. I need as much help as I can when it comes to holiday shopping, and I REALLY appreciate this!

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