For the month of August, a series of guest posters will be filling in on DWL with daily posts. Today’s posts come to you from Evan Huwa of  Jakshop. For more from Evan, be sure to follow him on Dribbble and Twitter. Enjoy!

Dan Christofferson, AKA BeeTeeth, is immensely talented. I’m taken aback every time he posts something new. The guy can paint, illustrate and design. His portfolio is chock-full of gems. According to his site, he uses cryptic symbols from early Utah and Mormon history to illustrate stories of exile, industry, and the parched, sunburnt west. That combo makes for delightfully unique work.

Also, you should take a gander at his Instagram and dribbble page too. Bookmark his work folks, you won’t be disappointed.





  1. Kevin, great feature. Hard to believe Dan’s work hasn’t been featured on DWL yet. I’d love to have one of his pieces hanging on a wall at my house. Always top notch work from Bees Teeth.

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