14 Must-Watch Interior Design YouTube Channels in 2023

Let’s chat about interior design for a sec. As someone who loves switching up my space, I’m constantly scrolling through YouTube looking for that next great decor idea to try.

There are just so many amazing interior design channels out there! It’s like having my own little support squad of decor experts cheering me on 24/7. But with hundreds of options to pick from, how do I know which channels are really worth my time?

Here’s my process: I look for YouTubers who just plain inspire me. Do I vibe with their style? Is it aligned with the vision I have for my own place? I tend to dig clean and modern aesthetics with a hint of personality. So I look for people who design spaces in that wheelhouse.

But it can’t just look pretty – I need tips I can actually use! Easy DIY projects I can tackle this weekend or clever hacks to upgrade my rental. I want ideas that are realistic for my life and budget.

And of course, a dose of creativity is a must. I want channels that help me see familiar items in a whole new light. Using everyday stuff for unexpected purposes keeps things fresh.

Positivity is big for me too. This is supposed to be fun, not stressful! I want channels with hosts who get me pumped up to take on a project rather than harsh critics who sap my confidence.

Lastly, I do appreciate a channel taking the time to edit videos nicely and present them in a polished way. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it shows pride in their work.

So in a sea of options, I look for interior design YouTubers who check those boxes for me. The ones who inspire me to think outside the box and create a space I’m proud of.

With my criteria explained, let me share my can’t-miss channels that never fail to spark my creativity!

1. Studio McGee

Studio McGee

If you also love calm, welcoming design, Studio McGee is a must-watch. Married duo Syd and Shea McGee share tips for creating a relaxing retreat through cohesive style.

With over 1 million subscribers, their beautifully-produced videos cover:

  • Full room makeovers – see their step-by-step process.
  • Easy DIY upgrades like spray-painting fixtures or installing peel-and-stick backsplash tile.
  • Decor hauls showing how to pull together a complete look.
  • Interviews with other designers about their approach.

I’m endlessly inspired by Studio McGee‘s clean aesthetics and clever tips. Their videos motivate me to give my home a mini spa-like feel through calming colors, natural textures, and meaningful accessories.

2. Mr. Kate

Mr Kate

For more eclectic and bold decor, I love Mr. Kate. Creative director Kate Albrecht empowers you to confidently express yourself through interior design.

With nearly 3 million subscribers, her videos feature:

  • Playful DIY projects using spray paint, contact paper, and other inexpensive upgrades.
  • Room makeovers showcasing fearless use of color, texture, and patterns.
  • Cool upcycling ideas, like making a table from scaffolding planks.
  • Reviews of buzzworthy decor items and trends.

Mr. Kate shows even renters on a budget can create a stylish space. Her imaginative videos give me the courage to take more decor risks.


3. The Kinwoven Home


If your design style leans cozy and collected, The Kinwoven Home by Sharrah Stevens is fantastic. With nearly 700K subscribers, her videos focus on:

  • Simple DIY projects – refinishing furniture, installing peel-and-stick tile, etc.
  • Thrift store makeovers breathing new life into secondhand finds.
  • Home tours spotlighting charming cottagecore style on a budget.
  • Relatable home decor hauls and tips.

The Kinwoven Home provides endless inspiration for crafting a warm, livable space filled with character. Sharrah empowers you to gradually upgrade your home while staying true to your style.

4. Lone Fox

Lone Fox

Next up is Lone Fox hosted by designer Drew Scott. With 1.5 million subscribers, his channel is a goldmine of creative ideas for decorating thrifted finds and upgrading your space on a budget.

Drew’s videos feature:

  • Thrift hauls revealing his best secondhand scores.
  • Furniture flips with easy DIY makeovers – painting, reupholstering, etc.
  • Room refreshes with quick fixes like updating window treatments.
  • Cool organizational hacks, like building rolling storage from dresser drawers.

Lone Fox proves you can craft a stylish, custom look even on a tight budget. Drew’s thrifty tips help me spruce up my rental without spending a fortune.

5. Alexandra Gater

Alexandra Gater

If you’re a millennial decorating a small rental, Alexandra Gater is an amazing resource with over 600K subscribers.

As a fellow Canadian renter, Alexandra shares realistic tips like:

  • Affordable DIY projects to personalize cookie-cutter spaces.
  • Thrift store flips and secondhand finds to add character on a budget.
  • Clever rental-friendly hacks that avoid permanent changes.
  • Space-saving solutions tailored to tiny homes.

Alexandra gives me creative ideas to make my apartment feel cozy and “adult” even without owning it. Her channel proves you can decorate a small rental and still feel proud of your space.

6. Celine Interior Design
Celine Interior Design

If you love luxury design, Celine Interior Design‘s channel offers a peek into high-end projects. With 11K subscribers, director Noor Charchafchi shares:

  • Tours of stunning celebrity homes her firm has designed.
  • Design tips to take your space to the next level.
  • Free interior design guides and tutorials.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at running a global design firm as a mom.

While Celine works on an elite scale, Noor’s videos demystify the process so I can infuse glamorous touches into my own home. Her channel makes high-end design surprisingly accessible.

7. At Home With Nikki

At Home With Nikki

If functionality excites you as much as decor, At Home With Nikki is fantastic. With nearly 650K subscribers, Nikki shares endless ideas for storage, organization, and designing a beautiful yet efficient space.

Her videos feature:

  • Detailed organization tips room-by-room so nothing gets overlooked.
  • Realistic makeovers balancing form and function.
  • Affordable Ikea hacks and other DIY upgrades.
  • Home tours showing off her clever systems for hiding clutter.

Nikki’s channel helps me upgrade my space in smart ways to both look great and live better.

8. House Beautiful

For over 75 years, House Beautiful has been a trusted source of decorating inspiration. Their YouTube channel with 80K+ subscribers continues that legacy.

House Beautiful’s videos offer:

  • Tours of breathtaking celebrity homes and designer showhouses.
  • Expert decorating tips from top interior designers.
  • Easy DIY ideas, furniture flips, and home organization hacks.
  • Spotlights on emerging trends and products.

With its mix of aspirational tours and accessible advice, House Beautiful empowers me to create a home I’m proud of within my means. Their timeless inspiration never gets old.


As the leader in home design and renovation content, HGTV’s YouTube channel is a must for inspiration. With over 600K subscribers, HGTV serves up:

  • Sneak peeks of popular shows like Fixer Upper and Home Town.
  • Renovation reveals from makeovers big and small.
  • Outdoor living ideas from pool designs to gardening.
  • Celebrity house tours that dazzle and delight.

Whether I need motivation to reorganize a closet or dream up a full kitchen overhaul, HGTV’s YouTube channel gives me the inspiration I crave. Their endless videos allow me to envision my own home’s possibilities.

Here are sections on those additional YouTube channels:

10. Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis

With almost 500K subscribers, designer [Nick Lewis](https://www.youtube.com/@Nick_Lewis) shares quick and helpful interior design tips. His videos cover:

  • Style advice for transforming rooms affordably.
  • Current design trends and how to implement them.
  • Renovation ideas from paint colors to layouts.
  • Affordable finds and where to source them.

Nick makes interior design practical and approachable. His realistic guidance helps me upgrade my home within my budget.

11. Sophie Paterson Interiors

Sophie Paterson Interiors

Led by designer Sophie Paterson, [her channel](https://www.youtube.com/@sophiepatersoninteriorsltd) gives an exclusive look into luxury interiors. With over 125K subscribers, it shares:

  • Tours of stunning high-end residential projects.
  • Design inspiration from completed celebrity homes.
  • Behind-the-scenes peeks at her design process.
  • Expert tips on creating timeless, glamorous spaces.

While aspirational, Sophie’s insights help guide me in making elevated design choices that stand the test of time.

12. Lisa Holt Design

Lisa Holt Design

Award-winning designer [Lisa Holt](https://www.youtube.com/@LisaHoltDesign) shares her decades of decorating experience. With an upbeat energy, Lisa covers:

  • Design fundamentals from color theory to lighting.
  • Renovation and remodeling how-tos.
  • Trend reports to know what’s in and out.
  • Affordable finds and DIY project tutorials.

Lisa makes interior design accessible for all. Her engaging delivery makes learning about decorating thoroughly enjoyable.

13. Julie Khuu

Julie Khuu

With over 500K subscribers, designer [Julie Khuu](https://www.youtube.com/@JulieKhuu) shares luxury style on a budget. Her videos feature:

  • High-end room transformations using affordable copycat tips.
  • Feng shui fundamentals for optimal energy flow.
  • Easy upgrades like choosing fixtures and pillows.
  • Style explorations of trends like modern farmhouse.

Julie inspires me to elevate my home with luxe details that don’t break the bank. Her advice makes top-tier design surprisingly accessible.

14. Karin Bohn

Karin Bohn

Award-winning designer [Karin Bohn](https://www.youtube.com/@KarinBohn) gives an honest look at running an interior design business with over 160K subscribers. She shares:

  • Real-life glimpses at the design process from concept to completion.
  • Relatable advice on launching and growing a design career.
  • Global project tours from residential to commercial.
  • industry advice beyond what they teach in school.

Karin opens up the curtain on the world of interior design in an inspiring way. Her candid videos help me better understand the business and process side.

The Takeaway

Thanks to these amazing interior design YouTube channels, I never run out of inspiration for upgrading my rental on a budget. Their videos make decorating approachable and fun.

I hope you discover amazing new channels to spark your creativity too! The world of interior design is at your fingertips – start watching and unlock your decorating confidence today.

Theresa Mcgonell
Theresa Mcgonell

Theresa Mcgonell is an award-winning Los Angeles-based interior designer known for her elegant modern aesthetic, with work featured in top publications and celebrity homes. She brings 15+ years of experience and a passion for mentoring emerging designers to every unique residential and commercial project.

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