Brian Michael Gossett: People for Bikes

Brian Michael Gossett (who just launched a new portfolio site) created these imaginary worlds for People for Bikes, an organization committed to making the world a better place to ride. You can see a few of the original illustrations (check out the rest here) below, but the video brings them magically to life through animated projections. I’m not much of a bike rider—I’m too much of a wimp to attempt riding around the city—but I can’t help but smile while watching.


  1. […] While I love to ride my bicycle, I love to see campaigns that push people to get outdoors and exercise! Brian Michael Gossett cre­ated these illustrations for People for Bikes, along with a cute video to go along with it. There’s so much creativity bursting at the seams in this project! You can see the video and more of Gossett’s illustrative work on designworklife. […]

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