47 Bubble Fonts That Really “Pop” in 2024

As graphic designers, we’re always on the lookout for fun, playful fonts that can inject a sense of joy and whimsy into our projects. And in 2024, bubble fonts are “popping” up everywhere from branding to packaging to t-shirt designs.

Bubble fonts are exactly what they sound like – typefaces featuring round, bubbled letters, often with a handwritten or illustrated style. They have a lively, bounce-to-them quality that feels upbeat and energetic.

In this post, I’ll be diving deep into the best bubble fonts to try in 2024. We’ll explore:

  • Key tips for picking the perfect bubble font
  • What gives bubble fonts their fun, playful vibe
  • The best uses for bubble fonts (and where to avoid them)
  • Fantastic bubble font alternatives to consider
  • Answers to common bubble font questions

And much more. Let’s dive in!

The Most Poppin’ Bubble Fonts of 2024

Let’s face it, not all bubble fonts are created equally. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite “poppin” bubble fonts at the moment. Here they are:

El Mojo – Bubble Pop Bold Fonts

El Mojo - Bubble Pop Bold Fonts
El Mojo is a sweet, playful sans serif font perfect for food packaging, kids books, and bright, fun designs. Its bubbly letterforms have a friendly, rounded appearance.

Bubble Boom – Graffiti Font

Bubble Boom - Graffiti Font
Bubble Boom has a cool graffiti-inspired style with bold, edgy letterforms. It would be great for urban streetwear designs, hip hop album covers, or youth brands wanting a trendy look.



Lizadah – Bubble Font

Lizadah - Bubble Font
Lizadah Bubble Font is a cute, bubbly display font perfect for kids activities, school projects, or adding a playful touch to any design. Its rounded letterforms create a friendly, fun appearance.

Bubble Mint – Fun written Font

Bubble Mint - Fun written Font
Bubble Mint is a quirky, playful script font with a sweet, bubbly style. It would be perfect for birthday cards, packaging, youth brands, or adding a handmade touch to designs.

Sugar Bubble – Playful Typeface

Sugar Bubble - Playful Typeface
Sugar Bubble has a sweet, bold, bubbly style. Its playful vibe makes it perfect for arts, crafts, quotes, posters, logos, or anything where you want a charming, friendly tone.

Black Bubbles – Decorative Font

Black Bubbles - Decorative Font
Black Bubbles is an elegant display font with pretty, ornate black letterforms containing delicate white bubbles inside each one. It has a soft, delicate appearance perfect for invitations.

Bubble Shine – Playful Display Font

Bubble Shine - Playful Display Font
Bubble Shine is a cheerful, friendly display font. Its smooth, rounded letterforms coupled with highlights around each one give it a bright, playful appearance, great for kids brands.

JellyBelly Font

JellyBelly Font
JellyBelly is a cute, wiggly display font with uneven, bouncy letterforms reminiscent of colorful candy. It has a bright, fun, youthful appearance.

Blopy – Bubble Style Font

Blopy - Bubble Style Font
Blopy is a bubbly retro display font with slightly uneven letterforms that create playful texture. Its rounded style makes it perfect for big, eye-catching headers and titles.

Frisky Puppy – Cartoon Font

Frisky Puppy - Cartoon Font
Frisky Puppy is a happy, smiling display font. Its cute dog character shapes create a warm, friendly tone perfect for kids products, Youtube thumbnails, t-shirts, and more.

Blobber – Kids Font

Blobber - Kids Font
Blobber is a playful, friendly display font with cute, bubbly letterforms. Its soft shapes and uneven style create a warm, inviting tone great for kids brands and cartoony designs.

Rubber Duck – Kids Friendly Font

Rubber Duck – Kids Friendly Font
Rubber Duck has a cute, balloon-like style with smooth, rounded letterforms. Its friendly appearance is perfect for kids products, toys, books, stationery and anything wanting a warm, playful tone.

Sunspot – Funny Funky Cute Playful Balloon Font

Sunspot - Funny Funky Cute Playful Balloon Font
Sunspot has a cheerful, balloon-animal style. Its bouncy letterforms and highlights around each one give it a warm, inviting tone perfect for playful kids brands and toy packaging.

Valoon – Kids Display Font

Valoon - Kids Display Font
Valoon is a cute, friendly display font. It has a slight rounded style reminiscent of puffy balloons that creates a cheerful, upbeat tone perfect for youth brands.

Shine Bubble

Shine Bubble
Shine Bubble is a bold, bubbly display font. It comes in filled and outline versions, great for adding a colorful, playful touch to logos, headings, branding projects, and more.


Tijuf has a unique, playful display font style with colorful, uneven letterforms. It has a fun, bouncing appearance perfect for adding energy and personality to headers and titles.


Kembol is a quirky display font with a hand-drawn look. Its bouncy, animated style creates visual interest, perfect for adding energy and uniqueness to headers, logos, and titles.


KIND HUMAN is a sweet, friendly handwritten font with smooth edges and subtle highlights around each letter that give it a bubbly style. It’s perfect for arts, crafts, logos, quotes, and more.

Kooky Cloud! Unique Bold Bubble Font

Kooky Cloud! Unique Bold Bubble Font
Kooky Cloud is an extra bold, bubbly display font. Its tall height and smooth yet quirky letter shapes give it tons of personality, perfect for eye-catching headers and logos.

Pool Noodle: A Bubble Letter Font

Pool Noodle: A Bubble Letter Font
Pool Noodle has a retro bubble letter style, perfect for capturing 90’s nostalgia. Its rounded, bouncy letterforms are great for designs wanting a cute, doodle-like tone with tons of personality.

Bubblegum | Font Duo

Bubblegum | Font Duo
Bubblegum Font Duo includes script and decorative styles. Both have playful, bouncy letterforms perfect for pairing together to create a fun, youthful tone for invitations, branding, baby products, and more.


Tubbs is a fat, bubbly font perfect for adding a cute, playful touch to any project. Its soft, puffy letterforms have a friendly warmth that helps convey upbeat, positive emotions.

Wildside | Bubbly Handwritten Font

Wildside | Bubbly Handwritten Font
Wildside has a fun, bubbly handwritten style with smooth edges. It can be layered for lots of variety, perfect for shirts, branding, logos, social media posts, and anything wanting a playful tone.

Cool Vibes | Bubbly Retro Font

Cool Vibes | Bubbly Retro Font
Cool Vibes has a cheerful, bubbly retro style. Its combination of smooth and textured letterforms gives it a handmade appearance, perfect for shirt designs, branding, SVG files, and more.

Baby Balloon

Baby Balloon
Baby Balloon is a layered font with 3 versions – regular, outline, and inner shadow. The rounded letterforms resemble shiny balloons, great for kids designs, birthday cards, cheerful branding, and more.

Bubbles | Handwritten Font

Bubbles | Handwritten Font
Bubbles has a cute, playful handwritten style. The uneven letter shapes give it tons of personality, perfect for packaging, quotes, greeting cards, invitations, planners, and anything fun.

Holiday Journey | Bubble Font

Holiday Journey | Bubble Font
Holiday Journey is a bold, bubbly font that can be layered for lots of variety. Great for greeting cards, Instagram posts, quotes, and anywhere you want playful, bouncing letterforms full of energy.

Bubble Text 3D Letters Set

Bubble Text 3D Letters Set
This Bubble Text 3D Letters set contains bold, colorful bubble letter PNGs perfect for party invitations, announcements, wedding designs, web graphics, and any project wanting a fun, playful style.

Peanut Donuts – Retro Bubble Type

Peanut Donuts - Retro Bubble Type
Peanut Donuts has a bubbly retro style reminiscent of soda shop signage. Its playful, nostalgic vibe is perfect for packaging, posters, merchandise, quotes, headers, and anywhere you want a fun, vintage appearance.

Splash | Fun Handwritten Font

Splash | Fun Handwritten Font
Splash is a cheerful handwritten font that can have solid or shiny letterforms. Fun for logos, branding, SVG files, shirts, stickers, and anything where you want a personalized, handmade look.

Joypops Handwritten Bubble Font

Joypops Handwritten Bubble Font
Joypops is a cute, friendly handwritten font with subtle bounce to the letterforms reminiscent of bubbles. Great for logos, branding, subtitles, and adding personality with its playful style.

Bubble – Raster Display Font

Bubble - Raster Display Font
Bubble is a colorful, cheerful display font made to mimic the light-reflecting texture of real soap bubbles. Perfect for adding bright, eye-catching headers and titles with a playful style.

Real Cool | Bubbly Retro Font

Real Cool | Bubbly Retro Font
Real Cool is a bubbly, playful handwritten font in a retro style. It can be layered for lots of variety, great for logos, shirts, teachers’ designs, bulletin boards, social media posts, and more.

Bubble Float Fonts

Bubble Float Fonts
Bubble Float is a cheerful, friendly display font. Its subtle bounce gives it a joyful, upbeat tone perfect for invitations, blogs, logos, scrapbooks, planners, and anything fun.

Smothy – Bubble Font Style

Smothy - Bubble Font Style
Smothy is a cute, playful display font with rounded edges reminiscent of bubbles. Comes in 3 styles – regular, bubble, shadow. Great for logos, branding, packaging, shirts, websites, and fun designs wanting a cheerful tone.

Graphy – Bubble Family Font

Graphy - Bubble Family Font
Graphy combines graffiti-style and modern bubble shapes for a unique, edgy display font. With 3 versions – filled, outline, counter – it adds cool streetwear vibes perfect for logos, branding, shirts, and standing out.

Hyper Blob – Graffiti Font

Hyper Blob - Graffiti Font
Hyper Blob has a bold graffiti style with colorful, bubbly letterforms. Its tall height and edgy vibe make it perfect for display use where you want to grab attention with streetwear attitude.

Trendy Bubble Comical Alphabet

Trendy Bubble Comical Alphabet
This Trendy Bubble alphabet set is brightly colored with smooth, rounded bubble letters, numbers, and characters. Great for adding a playful, bouncing touch to invitations, cards, web graphics, and more.

Balloon Typeface

Balloon Typeface
Balloon is a two-layered font where letters resemble shiny party balloons. Its playful bounce is perfect for cheerful greeting cards, kids books, fun Invites, or adding energy with its animated style.

Soap Bubbles Font

Soap Bubbles Font
This Soap Bubbles font contains 3D letters shaped like bubbly soap bubbles, great for adding a colorful, playful, eye-catching touch to designs wanting a fun, youthful tone and style.

Drink Bitmap Font

Drink Bitmap Font
Drink is a cheerful, vibrant color font resembling fizzy soda bubbles. It adds bright, fun energy perfect for invitations, social posts, branding, or any design where you want an authentic, handmade feel.

Papa Bear

Papa Bear
Papa Bear is a warm, friendly font with smooth lines and rounded corners reminiscent of a soft, cuddly bear. Its simplicity makes it versatile for branding, headlines, apparel, and conveying positive vibes.

Fluffapalooza – Handwritten Font

Fluffapalooza - Handwritten Font
Fluffapalooza is a cute, bubbly handwritten font. Its warmth and imperfection give it an authentic, handmade feel, perfect for branding, artsy designs, and adding a personal touch to any project.

Pink Sugar Letters and SVG Font

Pink Sugar Letters and SVG Font
This Pink Sugar set has glittery PNG letters and matching font. The tall, smooth, colorful letterforms are versatile and give projects a bright, playful, bubbly tone. Great for glitter shirts, scrapbooking, party designs.

Bold Loop – Colored Font

Bold Loop - Colored Font
Bold Loop is a vibrant, colorful font with overlapping lines resembling abstract bubbles. Its vivid hues and unique style make it perfect for kids designs, packaging, branding, websites, and adding cheerful energy.


What Makes Bubble Fonts Feel So Playful?

Bubble fonts get their playful, bouncing personality from a few key characteristics:

Round, Overinflated Letterforms

First, the round shapes of course. Bubble fonts feature letters styled like bubbles – round and inflated on all sides. This gives letterforms the soft, smooth, rolling shape reminiscent of actual bubbles.

The overinflation creates letters that feel delightfully full, like they could almost float away. The soft roundness feels inviting and non-threatening.

Natural Unevenness

Most bubble fonts also feature natural unevenness between letters. Their sizes, shapes, and baselines vary, just like natural handwriting. This gives an organic, human touch.

The similarities with bouncy bubbles continues in the vertical spacing. Letters ride up and down with variety, evoking that same floating, bouncing movement.

Fun Textures and Shadows

Finally, bubble fonts often add extras like colorful textures or shadows. These playful embellishments complement the friendly round letterforms. The combination creates a lively, animated effect.

Altogether these traits – round shapes, uneven baselines, embellishments – is what defines the playfulattitude of a bubble font.

Where Can You Use Bubble Fonts?

Now that we understand what makes bubble fonts tick, where can we actually use them in designs? Their playful vibe makes bubble fonts a versatile choice:


Bubble fonts are a fantastic choice for brands targeting younger audiences or promoting play, joy and lightheartedness.

For example, children’s brands, toy stores, candy shops, family entertainment centers, carnivals, zoos, aquariums, birthday parties or baby/kids products.

Any brand meant to feel upbeat, lively and energetic can benefit from an appropriate bubble font in their visual identity.


In a similar vein, bubble fonts make fun, engaging choices for youth-oriented product packaging. Particularly children’s foods, toys, arts and crafts, or party supplies.

Apparel and Merchandise

Bubble fonts also lend lots of personality on t-shirts, hats, posters, mugs, buttons, stickers and other merchandise.

They make designs feel more lively and catch the eye. Great for bands, YouTube personalities or brands targeting younger groups.


For birthday parties, baby showers, weddings or other celebrations, a playful bubble font sets the right lively tone.

Digital Designs

Bubble fonts grab attention online as well. Their friendly roundness helps display important information clearly on screens.

Great for websites, mobile apps, banner ads, social media posts, email newsletters, YouTube videos or interface elements.

Where to Avoid Bubble Fonts

While fantastic for many applications, there are certain uses where bubble fonts may not make the best choice. Namely in contexts requiring:


For formal corporate business, legal, medical, financial contexts, bubble fonts likely feel too playful and diminish perceived professionalism.

In these cases, opt for authoritative serifs instead that feel polished, traditional and sophisticated.


In designs where quick information absorption is critical – data visualizations, road signage, technical manuals or emergency instructions – standard humanist sans serifs optimize clarity.

Bubble fonts may slow comprehension slightly. Stick with simple, legible choices instead.


For designs celebrating heritage, history or conveying longevity, standard serif fonts feel more fitting and timeless.

Museums, established corporations, historial societies often opt for classic, well-known serifs.

So while lively and fun for scores of uses, thoughtfully evaluate context when deciding if a bubble font makes sense. Their playfulness may undermine certain aesthetics or messages requiring austerity.

How to Pick the Perfect Bubble Font

To choose an excellent bubble font matching needs, first reflect on:

Mood and Tone

Consider the desired mood. Dreamy? Retro? Luxurious? Cheerful? Match aesthetic qualities.

A sleek, refined bubble font conveys elegance. A textured, shadowed bubble font feels dreamy. Identify adjectives describing ideal vibe then find fonts embodying those traits.


Factor the target demographic and their visual style preferences. Youthful audiences likely welcome playful bubble fonts fitting their age. More mature groups may perceive overly bubbly fonts as less serious or refined.


Consider where and how designs will be seen—digitally or print? Small or large application? Ensure the font works at intended sizes and translates cleanly between media formats.

Test bubble font prints at small sizes to confirm legibility. Review on actual digital screens to evaluate readability.


When combining bubble fonts with other typefaces, ensure harmonious relationships. Pairing a lively bubble script with a bold slab can feel disjointed. But combining with a clean sans-serif or complementing script flows well. Mind font combinations.

With mood, audience, medium and pairings in mind, thoughtfully matching an appropriate bubble font becomes intuitive!

Fantastic Bubble Font Alternatives

While bubble fonts themselves inject lively energy into designs, alternatives can provide that playful, friendly allure too.

Some top options include:

Playful Script Fonts

Scripts like Dancing Script, Sacramento or La Belle Aurore have the fluid, bouncing movements reminiscent of bubble fonts. These playful scripts capture that sense of joy with free-flowing letterforms.

Friendly Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten fonts like Brothers, Whisper or Homemade Apple also supply personal, welcoming warmth ideal for informal contexts. Their imperfect shapes feel authentic.

Artistic Display Fonts

For a bold, eye-catching effect with personality, display fonts Like Luckiest Guy, Coolsville or Hopsctoch work magic. Their artistic letterforms grab attention while conveying cheer.

So recreating bubble fonts’ playful positivity is possible with scripts, hand lettering and artistic displays too!

Common Bubble Font Questions

Let’s wrap up by answering some common bubble font questions:

What font is like a bubble?

Fonts with round, inflated letterforms and lively energy like Luckiest Guy, Balloon Anarchy or Homespun are highly reminiscent of bubble fonts. Playful scripts also capture bouncy movements.

What is the bubble font called?

While no definitive “bubble font” exists, options like Bubbleboddy Neue —with round, wobbly letterforms—or Denver —with colorful bubble letters— capture the name literally. Names usually reference bubbles directly.

Is there a bubble font in Word?

Yes! Word’s default fonts include Baskerville Old Face, which features rounded blob serifs somewhat evocative of bubbles. Also Lucida Handwriting and Jokerman with round, bouncing letters. Not true bubble fonts but close alternatives native to Word.

What is the most bubbly font?

Fonts like Bubbleboddy Neue, Denver or Bulbobble feature uber-round letters with natural unevenness between letterforms for especially bubbly, animated designs. These capture the texture and movement of actual bubbles for maximum playfulness.

Bubble fonts breathe delight and whimsy into designs meant to uplift audiences. Their lively round shapes ensure positivity and cheer bubble to the surface!

So try out some of these sensational bubble fonts in your own projects. Used thoughtfully, they build memorable designs certain to make viewers smile.

Have favorite bubble fonts not mentioned? Please share below!

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