Yesterday CreativeTechs sent out a really great newsletter that compiled a list of free ebooks geared towards designers. I’ve only gotten to look through a few so far, but it seems like an extremely helpful list.

In downloading all the PDFs I was reminded of ChangeThis, a site where users can submit, view and download manifestos written on a wide variety of topics. Sort of like a Threadless for writing, a user will submit a proposal for a manifesto idea, and the other users will vote on it. From there the site administrators decide whether or not to approve the content to be published online. You can find manifestos on all sorts of topics—from business to politics to technology—but there happens to be quite a bit of design and marketing-related content on there.

Here are a few I find interesting:

  1. 2.06 Do Less, by Seth Godin
  2. 26.05 We Need a New Word for Brand, by Michael Hogan
  3. 16.01 Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas, by Scott Berkun
  4. 32.04 100 Ways to Kill a Concept, by Michael Iva

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