Chris Rubino

By way of the Post Expose blog I heard about what sounds like a really cool exhibition by Chris Rubino, called “The Center of Something”. The show opened May 30th and will be on view in a Times Square storefront until June 15th. According to Post Expose, the show will include “posters, shirts, samples and postcards that mark what Rubino loves and hates about NYC” (some available for purchase). Sounds like the perfect place for a show on that topic, if you ask me. I’ll definitely be trying to get over there this week, but if you get there before me here are the details:

The Center of Something
May 30 – June 15, 2008
CHASHAMA 112 West 44th St, New York City

For more about Chris Rubino and his work look here and here (where the above images were found).

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