Chris Rushing: Floor Pass Digital Design and Illustration


Chris Rushing has one of those rare portfolios that includes excellent work across disciplines, from illustration to digital design. In particular, his design for the Floor Pass app caught my eye. The app was created for the 2012 DNC and RNC, to give CNN and Time Magazine more of a physical presence at the conventions. The app included all sorts of interactive features, including breaking news, a speech library for all of the speakers, a scheduling guide, maps, Time Magazine cover of the day, and my (and Chris’s) favorite part, individually designed state badges for users to collect and trade. In the end, Chris worked with Carnival Labs to bring his art direction, illustration and design to life across all platforms.





chrisrushing_floorpass_05 chrisrushing_floorpass_06 chrisrushing_floorpass_07 chrisrushing_floorpass_08 chrisrushing_floorpass_09 chrisrushing_floorpass_10 chrisrushing_floorpass_11



  1. I like them a lot, but the use of the Ohio burgee as the Florida icon is poor research. I understand it’s a design idea, but if you’re going to use that design in tandem with a state, there is only one state you should use it with. Ohio.

    On the whole though, nicely done and nice variety.

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