Collection: Stairways

I love making inspiration boards, and luckily I have the privilege of creating them for Brooklyn Bride every week. But I wanted to bring something along those lines, in a non-wedding-related context, over here to dwl. So the other new recurring post series I’m introducing is Collection, which will appear every Wednesday morning. I’m planning on keeping the guidelines pretty loose to see how it develops—just a series of items and/or images that tie together in some way.

Today we’re starting with this group of fun, vibrant stairways. One of my favorite things to collect on Pinterest is inspiration for a future home, when I have the luxury of living in more than 800 square feet and with walls I can paint. What I love most about these images is the unexpected moments of playfulness you’ll find in all of them.

FOUND: 1. House of Turquoise: Holly Dymant, 2. Maya, 3. Design Scouting, 4. White Trash Beautiful, 5. French by Design, 6. The Haystack Needle, 7. Frizztext.

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