Color Happy 2

I’ve had fun pulling color palettes out of found imagery the couple of times I’ve done so—it allows me to get a tiny glimpse into the process. So I think I’ll make this a regular (or semi-regular) post. This week I chose a color palette from an illustration by Irena Zablotska. It’s actually not the type of color scheme I’d normally be drawn to, but something about this illustration makes me really love it.

Color Happy 2


  1. Great color scheme. Just want to thank you for your great work…I am a graphic designer and your site has become a staple of my morning blog reads! Thanks!

  2. You’re blog is amazing! I just wanted to ask you a question related to the techniques used in this illustration, what program do you think was used in this kind of illustration. I just try and try thinking how they do it and can´t.. so if you know please! explain me :)

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