CourseHorse Featured Classes: Craft


One of my resolutions this year is to get my hands dirty with craft projects more often. On that note, here’s a few courses that sound pretty interesting:

  • Beginning Crochet: In this two- week class, you will learn the chain & the four basic crochet stitches. At the end of the second session, you will be able to crochet a scarfMore info.
  • Jewelry: All Levels: Various metalworking processes will be demonstrated, including metal preparation, soldering and polishing as required, and will develop and/or expand your individual design techniquesMore info.
  • Friday After Workshop: Weaving: Our series of Friday After Workshops allow participants to enjoy an evening of hands-on learning and fun, at low cost and low commitment. More info.
  • Wheel Throwing: All Levels: Beginners learn basic skills while intermediate students develop their ideas and skills with individual projects. More info.
  • Woodcarving Sampler: Learn the basics of woodcarving, which includes low-relief and 3-Dimensional carving. More info.

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