CourseHorse Featured Classes: Landing Your Next Gig


If it’s been awhile since you searched for a new job, or you’re getting ready to apply to new college programs, you may want to brush up on your interviewing and presentation skills. Get a jump start on your preparation with these classes:

  • Getting Hired: Become the Perfect Candidate: The purpose of this workshop is to help you start thinking about all the ways you can make yourself the next perfect hire. From the very basics of finding out where your ideal team-mates spend their time, really wowing with your background, to understanding what recruiters find when they Google you- this information will help you craft your perfect candidate pitch. You’ll get real time feedback on your resume, elevator pitch, and tips for what to expect on the day of your interview. More info.
  • Portfolio Do’s and Don’ts: In this workshop, we will discuss what to leave in and what to leave out of a portfolio, as well as how to go above and beyond what you do in your art class to make your portfolio the best colleges will see! More info.

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