CourseHorse Featured Classes: Public Speaking


Whether it comes from a place of fear or self-doubt, or simply not knowing how to craft an engaging presentation, public speaking is a definitely a common challenge. Luckily there’s quite a few courses out there that can help you hone your skills to get over that hump:

  • Refining Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills: Figure out how to be your best when the pressure’s on. The ability to connect with others in an authentic way is the key to being a great speaker – and it carries over into the success of your business and personal life. More info.
  • Storytelling Skills: Wow Your Crowd: The best way to make a point or inspire action in the workplace is by telling a compelling story. This class is not a general overview about why storytelling in the workplace is important or how famous businesses have used storytelling in the past. This is a nuts and bolts, point-by-point instructional on how you can go about crafting and delivering stories that will move your listeners. More info.
  • Public Speaking Workshop with Video Feedback: This three-hour workshop is limited to 8 attendees who will get live expert coaching as well as video recording and playback to get clarity on exactly where they can strengthen their presentation skills. You will leave this workshop having had the physical experience of being in front of a group, watching yourself on video and gain valuable insight into how you can be a more powerful communicator. More info.
  • Overcome Your Public Speaking Fear: This class is designed to conquer your fear in public speaking through an extensive step by step activities covering specific situations such as formal presentation, group discussion, and business meeting. More info.

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