Darrin Higgins: Sprout Up Identity and Website

Designer Darrin Higgins developed the brand and web experience for new site Sprout Up, which aims to provide children with environmental education:

Environmental Education for the Next Generation. Kids can do more than we think. They can solve problems creatively, they can think intelligently and they can explore the world with genuine curiosity. Through weekly classroom workshops Sprout Up connects these talents with environmental lessons that help kids create a more sustainable world.

The site, which employs interesting animation and fundraising techniques, can be seen here.

darrinhiggins_sproutup_01 darrinhiggins_sproutup_02 darrinhiggins_sproutup_03 darrinhiggins_sproutup_04 darrinhiggins_sproutup_05 darrinhiggins_sproutup_06 darrinhiggins_sproutup_07 darrinhiggins_sproutup_08 darrinhiggins_sproutup_09 darrinhiggins_sproutup_10 darrinhiggins_sproutup_11 darrinhiggins_sproutup_12 darrinhiggins_sproutup_15 darrinhiggins_sproutup_16 darrinhiggins_sproutup_17

Creative Credits:
By Simple.Honest.Work.
Design: Darrin Higgins
Art Direction: SimpleScott
Development: Mike McMillan

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