I don’t have any pets, but when I heard from Becky at Denhaus I had to post about these super stylish dog houses. They’re designed to blend in with your decor while still being a comfortable resting spot for your pet.


According to Becky: These original designs, created by CEO and Lead Designer, Sarah Pierce, were inspired by Sarah’s spirited Redbone Coonhound, Amber. She started by designing a space for Amber that would give her a comfortable and safe room (like a dog house) in such a way that would fit with their home’s décor (like a nice piece of furniture). The TownHaus was born, featuring solid wood and classic, craftsman style. The ZenHaus followed, integrating a sleek, oval design in four modern colors — a testament to Sarah’s keen eye for cutting edge design.

DenHaus logo

And how can you not love that logo? So fun.

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