Downtown Crossing

As a Boston native, Christmas shopping in Downtown Crossing was an annual ritual for me. So I was really excited to come across this project that branded the area. From what I gather, the large-scale branding and urban planning project was completed by 160over90 with the help of Able.

Here is some of what Able came up with:

Downtown Crossing 01

And here is where 160 over 90 ended up:

Downtown Crossing 02

Downtown Crossing 03

Downtown Crossing 04

Downtown Crossing 05

Personally I think I prefer the direction Able was heading in with the logo. I think you read the final logo as “Down Crossing”. The “town” part doesn’t come across very well and the the “T” within the “D” reads more like a plus sign than an actual letter. But I do really like the supporting branding—it creates a fun vibe that is indicative of the area. I also think the “blank MEET blank” language is a really fun idea. It makes perfect sense and has endless possibilities for expansion. Can’t wait to check it out for myself on the next trip North.

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  1. You realize much of what was planned for DTX was to be paid for by Gale and Vornado, the two companies that were doing the Filene’s construction project. Now that they have run out of money the rebranding is put on hold as well as the whole project. $250,000 was spent to come up with the book you see above there just wasn’t anything budgeted or planned after the “book” was published. More money wasted by Menino’s kids.

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