Squat Design: Embark Animation

Embark, a recruiting and staffing company, recently commissioned NYC studio Squat Design to develop this fun little animated video, for the purpose of attracting more customers interested in career advancement, placement or professional coaching. Get a closer look right here.

squatdesign_embark_01 squatdesign_embark_02 squatdesign_embark_03 squatdesign_embark_04 squatdesign_embark_05 squatdesign_embark_06 squatdesign_embark_07 squatdesign_embark_08 squatdesign_embark_09 squatdesign_embark_10 squatdesign_embark_11 squatdesign_embark_12 squatdesign_embark_13 squatdesign_embark_14 squatdesign_embark_15 squatdesign_embark_16 squatdesign_embark_17 squatdesign_embark_18

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