Enormous Champion: A. Heirloom Logo and Packaging

Enormous Champion recently collaborated with A. Heirloom, makers of state-shaped cutting boards, on their new logo and packaging. The primary design problem they faced was to create a single box design that could house each of the individual boards. Their solution was to create a periodic table of all the state shapes as the packages primary graphic, a choice that’s not only economical, but also eye-catching—love the result.


  1. That would be a tough undertaking, eh? Not only a package that can apply to all the states on a visual level, but also packaging that FITS all different state sizes and shapes. It turned out brilliantly!

  2. We can’t say enough good things about Enormous Champion, they are so very generous when they call it a collaboration…we had a bit of a packaging puzzle and they solved it brilliantly.. what a wonderful experience!!

  3. The design is nice, but how does anyone cut anything on a cutting board shaped like Maryland or Hawaii? Quite silly.

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