Etsy Finds: Handy Maiden

Etsy Shop Handy Maiden makes these adorable miniature ceramic critters—most are under two inches tall. Each one is sculpted and hand-painted individually so that no two are alike, and there’s much more to choose from right here.


  1. […]   Esty上面都是些贩卖可爱、萌、卡哇伊之类标签词东东的小店。比如这家名为HandyMaiden的店铺,就专门制作软陶小动物。每只动物都是手工成型、上色,每个都独一无二绝不重复。作者把它们制作成项链或者摆件,方便大家随身携带,随时把玩,不管你喜不喜欢,我反正是喜欢死了! […]

  2. […]   Esty上面都是些贩卖可爱、萌、卡哇伊之类标签词东东的小店。比如这家名为HandyMaiden的店铺,就专门制作软陶小动物。每只动物都是手工成型、上色,每个都独一无二绝不重复。作者把它们制作成项链或者摆件,方便大家随身携带,随时把玩,不管你喜不喜欢,我反正是喜欢死了! […]

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