Ferroconcrete: Fruute Branding

Check out Ferroconcrete‘s clean, minimal and whimsical branding for früute, who makes all sorts of colorful and interestingly constructed tarts. The brand provides a perfect backdrop to showcase these mini works of art. If I make it out to the West Coast any time soon, I will definitely be making a stop there.


  1. The photography is great, sure. But the usability is not so great. The navigation is clunky and counter-intuitive, the mouse over images take forever to load and there are no calls to action. From a web marketing standpoint, I’m not impressed.

  2. Not sure I agree with that… While I was posting the branding (including the site) from a primarily visual perspective, I definitely try not to post work that isn’t user friendly. I don’t find the navigation clunky or counter-intuitive, I find it to be unique, playful and inviting. The images are also loading fine for me, but maybe I have a speedier internet connection than most.

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