Fuzzco: Ruell and Ray Denim Identity

Here is yet another excellent project from the folks at Fuzzco, the identity and collateral design for Ruell and Ray Denim. I absolutely love the hand-lettered, hand-drawn feel of the type and illustrations. Plus the level of interest and variation they’ve achieved with only one color is pretty darn impressive. Here’s a bit of background from the designers themselves:

Ruell & Ray’s Deadstock Denim encourages the indestructible bond between people and jeans by using high quality selvage denim to construct jeans that are exclusive, durable, and most of all, comfortable. Ruell & Ray’s devotion to local and quality-driven manufacturing allows one to sit comfortably with both pants and morals. The inspiration comes from the brand founder’s family tree. Ruell Cook was a cotton farmer and Ray Harrison was an Air Force pilot. Both are her grandparents and the brand’s inspiration comes from their lives. The jeans are ONE OF A KIND & FOREVER.

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