Gift Guide 2009: Fire

Gift Guide 2009 Fire

From Wikipedia: Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius— Fire represents one’s desires and creative energies. The Fire signs are associated with action, passion, energy, and heat, and people with a lot of fire in their make up are confident, bright, warm, exciting, and easily take the initiative.

Gift Guide 2009: Fire 01

1. Vintage Paint Magnets, $4.25 / 2. Blue Flower Clock, $45.00 / 3. Optic Socks, $10 / 4. Safety Orange Card Set, $10.00 / 5. Copper Candlestick, $45.00 / 6. Octopus’s Garden Statement Necklace, $100.00

Gift Guide 2009: Fire 02

7. Wallpaper City Guides Fashion Boxed Set, $37.81 / 8. Dotted Plate, $36.00 / 9. Meet Me on Park Ave. Headband, $48.00 / 10. Paint By Number Kit, $19.95


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