Gift Guide Update

I apologize for the delay on the gift guides. I had planned on doing a more traditional gift guide. But then I was inspired by pastry chef Will Goldfarb’s talk at The Dinner Party last week (which was awesome, by the way. Read all about it right here.) and decided to change the direction a little bit. He presented the idea that there are and 6 billion people in the world and only 12 horoscopes, or astrological signs. So in theory you should be able to create 12 dishes that will please everyone. I’m not particularly a believer in horoscopes, but I thought it was an interesting idea so I thought the same could apply to gifts. To make it a little bit easier for myself I broke it down into the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. I have no idea how accurate it will actually be but I thought it would be a fun way to break things up. So today the four of those guides will be posting. And the rest of this week one guide will go up per day focused on a few random themes: Typography, Affordable Art, New York and Gifts for the Guys. And since I took the Handmade Pledge this year, most of these gifts are handmade. I know everyone isn’t in the same position though so there is some variety. I also tried to keep the vast majority of the prices under $100 since money is tight for most people this year. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Definitely love this gift guide!!! the best i’ve seen yet. im an air sign and the gifts seem totally fitting, even though i love some of the gifts in the other ones too. t

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