Harvard Business Review Classics

There’s nothing I don’t love about the design of these books—their compact size, the colors, their common design elements and, this goes without saying, the patterns. The topics are also, of course, extremely pertinent for anyone in business.

Harvard Business Review Classics

First seen in Kelly Blair’s portfolio, a little Amazon search also led me to find quite a few of them available for purchase. See the links below for each:

  1. One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?
  2. Control in an Age of Empowerment
  3. Power Is the Great Motivator
  4. How to Write a Great Business Plan
  5. The Necessary Art of Persuasion
  6. Managing Oneself
  7. The End of Corporate Imperialism
  8. Marketing Myopia
  9. One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?
  10. The Knowledge-Creating Company
  11. Teaching Smart People How to Learn
  12. Managing Your Boss

Make sure to check out the other pieces in Blair’s abundant portfolio. I kept thinking I was nearing the end, but more kept coming. And each project is just as smart and well-designed as the onebefore.

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