Hofstede Design: 83/87 Chapel Street Signage

Hofstede Design recently launched a new website featuring quite a few new projects. In particular, their modern and playful—love the cat chasing the bird—signage for 83/87 Chapel Street caught my eye.

Hofstede_8387_01 Hofstede_8387_02 Hofstede_8387_03 Hofstede_8387_04 Hofstede_8387_06 Hofstede_8387_07 Hofstede_8387_08 Hofstede_8387_10 Hofstede_8387_11 Hofstede_8387_12 Hofstede_8387_14 Hofstede_8387_15 Hofstede_8387_16 Hofstede_8387_18 Hofstede_8387_19

via Collate


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