House Industries: Weisspace Logo

As previously mentioned, this week I’ve taken off to the Outer Banks for a much-needed vacation. And lucky for me, I’ve got some great blogger friends who agreed to guest post while I’m gone. Today you’ll have the pleasure of hearing from Andrea of Fly.

Every week on Fly I feature a Fly Girl of the Week, a woman who shares a little about herself and her creative endeavours. This week’s Fly Girl of the Week is House Industries’ designer Bondé Prang. Not only did she grace Fly with her presence, but she was also kind enough to give us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a recent House Industries project.

You see, I love hand-lettering. If I could it all day, I would. I also love seeing the process of how others go about creating letter-forms and typefaces so I was excited to see what the guys were up to at House Industries. Here we have some sketches for the logo of Eric Weiss done by Ken Barber. Bondé mentions that he worked on the initial sketches and tight pencils for the lettering. Then Chris Gardner inked the final lettering (added highlights and all that) and also drew/inked the little guy illustration.

Thanks Bondé for sharing!