In the Heights

In the Heights

This is not entirely design-related but this past weekend I got to see the Broadway show, “In the Heights”, which just won four Tony Awards (out of the 13 they were nominated for). All I have to say is: Go see it.

Seriously though, it was amazing. I’ve been to quite a few Broadway shows (Rent a million times, Spamalot, Legally Blonde, Movin’ Out, The Producers, Spring Awakening etc. etc.), but I had never seen one with so much infectious energy. The choreography, singing, the set design and especially the story behind the show was so incredible—I can’t wait to see it again.

RED NYC is the design firm responsible for the program and site design. They did a really great job capturing the warm, energetic, Latin-influenced feel of the show and its story. Check out their site for more great work. And go see the show. Immediately. I mean it.

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  1. RED NYC may have made the program and site, but you definitely also should give credit to SpotCo for the original key art! My ex worked there when they were working on this show. The concept was based on Bodega signage (particularly in Washington Heights), and one or two of the custom typefaces are actually made from said ex’s handwriting.

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