Inspiring Instagramers: adamsenatori

Username: adamsenatori
Name: Pilot. Photographer.
Info: A mile of highway will take you just one mile. But a mile of runway will take you anywhere.

Adam Senatori is a pilot and photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. As a pilot, he’s very accomplished (you can see a list of certificates on his site) and has accumulated over 6,200 flight hours to date. He’s an equally accomplished photographer, with his work mainly focused in aviation, aerospace and landscapes.

I’m in the air few times a week and love looking down on the world as it passes below. It always puts my life into perspective. We are small. Life on the surface is a grind. For all of us. So I thought I would share some of what I see weekly from above with the Instagram community.

Adam’s Instagram feed is full of landscapes, most of which have unique aerial perspectives. White his worldwide travels are documented mostly from the sky, he does have a few ground-level landscapes that are just as impressive. What’s also impressive is the quality of photos he manages to capture with his iPhone. All of his Instagram shots are shot with his iPhone, and he even has an incredible photo of Chicago on his website that rivals a DLSR capture. (Check out the steps he took to edit his photo as well.)

Adam gives this tip about shooting from the sky:

“If possible, shoot during the early morning or evening when the shadows are longest. Shadows provide depth to an otherwise flat scene. Also, incorporate the sky and clouds to balance the landscape. I rarely shoot looking straight down unless I’m over a cityscape where the buildings offer a unique perspective.”

He does guarantee, however, that he is not a pilot and photographer at the same time. If he’s taking photos, he has another pilot flying the plane. Good to know!