Inspiring Instagramers: anasbarros

Username: anasbarros
Name: Ana Sampaio Barros
Info: Portuguese architect living in Vienna …a day in the office is just not creative enough | manIger of @igersvienna.

I’m officially in countdown mode for my summer vacation (less than a month), and the travel bug is in full effect. I feel very fortunate to have traveled to some amazing places, and I am excited to explore some new, and some old, territory this summer. Given my love for exploring, I find myself following a lot of travel-inspired Instagramers. You can get some great ideas of places to visit that are off the beaten path. And one of my absolute favorites to follow is anasbarros.

Like her profile says, she’s a Portuguese architect living in Vienna. She even manages the Instagramers Vienna account. But her photos go well beyond Austria, as she documents her travels throughout Europe. Given her day job, most of her photos have an architectural spin. But let’s be honest, some of the most picturesque things in Europe center around architecture, both old and new. Ana captures beautiful details (in fresh, new perspectives) that are as unique as the countries themselves.

Beyond that common theme, her photos all have a similar look and point of view. Slightly undersaturated; moody and dreamy at the same time. As a bonus for the dog lovers, she also includes a few photos of her adorable Frenchie named Miüda, who even has her own account. Ana’s photos definitely want to make me visit all the places she has been! Like, right now.


I like to say that I’m a designer by day, blogger by night and photographer on the side. I started my career in package design before going into advertising, then B2B communications, a small stint back into packaging and I now work for a large digital agency. I am so lucky to get to do what I love every day, but I am always looking for creative outlets. My blog, Girly Obsessions, allows me to design something that represents me – my aesthetic and my obsessive personality! I love taking and editing photos, and am slightly addicted to Instagram and Lightroom. I also love to travel and explore. I love to bake. And most importantly, I just love to think creatively.

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