Inspiring Instagramers: chrysti

Username: chrysti
Name: Chrysti Hydeck
Info: Co-Author of Photo Craft (transform your photos!) Storyteller. Dreamer. Seeker of Light. Wanderer. In Manassas, VA (near DC).

As if a beautifully composed photograph wasn’t already a work of art, artist and photographer Chrysti Hydeck has a way of using mixed media to transform her photography. She goes beyond digital alterations, combining her photography with art and home improvement supplies to create tactile, dimensional works of art. And her popular Instagram feed is a place for her to share her enchanting photography.

Sometimes, I am an artist. Other days I am a photographer. Most days I combine the two and call it artography.

Chrysti is the co-author of the book Photo Craft, which is about “creative mixed-media and digital approaches to transforming your photographs.” But what I love most about her photos is that they don’t look “crafty.” As any artist or photographer knows, there is very fine line you can cross where your work goes from simple and beautiful to overdone. Chrysti’s photos retain that simplicity, only taking on new depths and dimension with her creative enhancements.