Inspiring Instagramers: perrycolante

Username: perrycolante
Name: Andrew Zonzini
Info: illustrator / graphic designer. All photo’s made by me.

If you’re looking for an Instagram account with a distinct point of view that packs a graphic punch, look no further than perrycolante.  Andrew Zonzoni is an Italian-based designer and illustrator, and his Instagram account has evolved from HDR-style photos of symmetrical landscapes and buildings (which are just as interesting) to colorful, bold and surreal graphic statements.

His photos are mostly composed of colorful walls, graphic elements that he’s designed as well as other handmade props and costumes, and a few willing friends and family members. The end result is usually something that looks more like a digital composition than a photo, which makes his feed even more interesting.

Many people think that the illustrations are added afterwards on the computer, but that is not what I do. I do like the idea that the final result might seem a digital graphical composition, because it means that I managed to render a photograph as a sort of comic strip through my compositions.

Any type of art that makes you stop and think about what you’re actually seeing is often worth a second look. Andrew’s account is definitely one that I seek out if I miss it in my feed. I’m always curious to see what his next creation will be.

If I could inspire something, I would like to transmit the desire to invent a personal creative style.