Inspiring Instagramers: willbl

Username: willbl
Name: Will Burrard-Lucas
Info: Wildlife photographer, creator of BeetleCam & founder of Camtraptions. Behind the scenes look at my projects plus wildlife photographs. 

I’ve followed wildlife photographer Will Burrad-Lucas on Instagram for a while now. Mainly because it’s my dream to go on an African safari (minus the bugs). But after his pictures of baby meerkats took over the internet last week, I figured it was time to feature him. Everything I know about meerkats I’ve learned from The Lion King, but the fact that Will was able to get up close and personal with these wild creatures is fascinating, and it made me want to learn more about him.

What I’ve learned about Will is that he is a professional wildlife photographer from the UK. While he’s traveled all over the world, his main focus is on African wildlife. He spent part of his childhood in Tanzania, where his passion for Africa was born. He moved to Zambia in 2012, where he spent time exploring the Luangwa Valley, before moving back to the UK.

What might be even more impressive than Will’s photography is the fact that he’s an inventor. When he was unable to find products that would help him achieve his creative vision, he developed his own devices to allow him to get incredibly close to these wild, sometimes dangerous animals. He invented the BeetleCam, which is a remote-control buggy for DSLR cameras that allows Will to get ground-level, and groundbreaking, photos of animals. He also launched his company, Camtraptions, to continue to develop new products, including remote-control copters.

Will’s Instagram feed is a collection of extreme wildlife close-ups and stunning landscapes, mixed in with some behind-the-scenes photos. You can also check out Will’s website to see more of his work.