Inspiring Instagramers: zacharysmithh

Username: zacharysmithh
Name: Zachary Smith
Info: Do what you love | @knowwhereco

There are plenty of artists, designers and typographers sharing their amazing work on Instagram, and I’m sure I will feature many of them. Some show their creative process, some share final works of art and some seem to create art just for Instagram. To me, that’s what Zachary Smith is doing. Zachary is a hand lettering artist and designer, based in Southern California.

His Instragram account is a stunning collection of photography overlaid with beautiful hand drawn type and logos. He also posts incredible videos of his process as well as time-lapse typographic animations. Zachary uses the comments on the photos to discuss what he’s been up to, which is a great way to engage and keep in touch with his followers. For example, I learned by reading his comments that he quit his job to pursue his love of typography:

10 months ago I decided to take my shot at typography. Immediately falling in love with it, I quit my job and decided to dedicate all of my time on studying/practicing type. It wasn’t easy, and I had no money for a very long time. But, through the constant support and encouragement of my followers, I never gave up.

Now that’s dedication. I also learned that he works for a company called Sevenly, creating custom typography and illustrations which are turned into t-shirt designs and art prints. (Sevenly also has their own Instagram account that features a lot of Zach’s work.) Every week Sevenly teams up with a charity and they release limited edition products at 10am PST on Mondays. Every purchase made results in a $7 donation to the charity of the week. So far they have raised over 3 million dollars!

Check out Zachary’s website to see more of his work.