Isle of Printing: All Hail Tees

In other apparel news, check out this new venture from Isle of Printing. They’ve designed a series of customizable men’s and women’s t-shirts that allow you to publicly declare your love—”All Hail”—for the subject of your choosing. Each shirt is hand-printed on demand with a wood block on American Apparel organic tees. They’ve started out with a handful of images for you to choose from—from breakfast to bicycles—and will be adding more as they go. Such a fun idea! If you’re interested in participating in their fun new experiment, you can do so right here.

IsleofPrinting_Shirts_01 IsleofPrinting_Shirts_02 IsleofPrinting_Shirts_03 IsleofPrinting_Shirts_04 IsleofPrinting_Shirts_05

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