Josh Cochran + The New School

When I received The New School Fall 2008 course catalog a few months ago, I made a mental note to post about the awesome cover art, then promptly proceeded to misplace it. So I was pretty psyched when I found the Spring 2009 catalog in my mailbox yesterday. And even more pleasantly surprised to realize that the artist behind the covers is one of my faves, Josh Cochran.

New School Spring 2009 front

New School Spring 2009 back

New School Fall 2008 back

You can get a little bit more background information about the Fall 2008 cover right here. He mentioned possibilities of the artwork being made into posters, so if anyone has seen them let me know!

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  1. wow! that looks aamazingggg. it actually makes me want to go to the new school. a total accomplishment considering how bad that place is. haha. well done josh.

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