Nathaniel Cooper wrote in this week to let us know about Julian, a new collaborative project between him, Jordan Gray and Brent Anderson. The new Kansas City restaurant features “refined twists on familiar comfort food from James Beard award-winning chef Celina Tio”. To create the friendly, welcoming brand, the designers took cues from one of Tio’s biggest influences, the well-known kitchen of Julia Child.

Julian 01

Julian 02

Julian 03

Julian 04

Take a look at the Flickr set with more images right here.


  1. So nice. Great job all around…except for the bathroom signage. A spoon is the last thing I want to associate with a row of toilets.

  2. Love it all! I have to say, though, I think the cup on top of the word is too much for the signage out front, but then again, I am not a master designer, so I guess I should just trust them that it’s better that way. Thanks for sharing, as always!

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