Kickstarter: Slate Mobile AirDesk

If you’re a laptop user, this new Kickstarter project is for you. Slate is a lightweight, heat-absorbent laptop surface that  provides both mobility and the comforts of a desk. As someone who uses a laptop on my actual lap pretty much constantly, the improvements this set-up makes to the typical (and my current) one are pretty awesome. The simple additions of the mouse pad area and phone dock are genius. I always use a mouse with mine so it would save me the trouble of lugging around a separate mousepad when I’m on the go. Overall, I’m a big fan of this idea, in case you can’t tell.

The project has been hugely successful so far and surpassed it’s original goal more than 10 times. There’s a few days left in this campaign and it is definitely worth a look. Check it out right here.







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