Badass Lady Creatives: 6 Type Designers

People love to ask “where are the female type designers?”, but the truth is, their work is all around us. Carol Twombly’s typefaces come packaged with our software; Zuzana Licko’s Mrs. Eaves is everywhere; Kris Holmes co-designed the pervasive Lucida system.

It’s a fair question, though—who’s doing awesome work now? Who haven’t I heard of? Here’s just a few badass female contemporaries in type design:

Elena Schneider

Elena Schneider / on Design Work Life

Website: Elena Schneider
Based In: Hamburg, Germany and Húsavík, Iceland
Foundry: Independent / Radau
Notable Typefaces: Eskorte Pro (shown above), Eskorte Arabic, Paroli, Biec

Veronika Burian

Veronika Burian / on Design Work Life

Website: Veronika Burian
Based In: Spain
Foundry: TypeTogether, co-founded with José Scaglione
Notable Typefaces: Adelle, Abril Text, Abril Display (shown above), Bree

Sibylle Hagmann

Sybille Hagmann / on Design Work Life

Website: Sibylle Hagmann
Based In: Houston, Texas, United States
Foundry: Kontour, founder
Notable Typefaces: Axia (shown above), Elido, Odile, Cholla

Nadine Chahine

Nadine Chahine / on Design Work Life

Website: Nadine Chahine
Based In: Germany
Foundry: Monotype
Notable Typefaces: Frutiger ArabicNeue Helvetica ArabicUnivers Next ArabicPalatino Arabic

Nicole Dotin


Website: Nicole Dotin
Foundry: Process Type Foundry, partner
Notable Typefaces: Elena (shown above)

Laura Meseguer

Laura Meseguer / on Design Work Life

Website: Laura Meseguer
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Foundry: Independent
Notable Typefaces: Rumba, Multi, Magasin (shown above), Lalola


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