LAND: Easy Tiger Identity and Collateral

I recently came across the portfolio of LAND, a studio formed by Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes, and became an instant fan. Each piece has a weathered, vintage quality that gives their brands the look of a long, storied history. I’m especially loving their work for Easy Tiger, a bake shop and beer garden located in Austin, Texas. But be sure to look through their entire portfolio if you get a chance. It doesn’t disappoint.

land_easytiger_01 land_easytiger_02 land_easytiger_03 land_easytiger_04 land_easytiger_05 land_easytiger_06 land_easytiger_07 land_easytiger_08 land_easytiger_09 land_easytiger_10 land_easytiger_11 land_easytiger_12 land_easytiger_13 land_easytiger_14 land_easytiger_15 land_easytiger_16


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